Who are Rockdoor?

Rockdoor has been the driving force behind truly composite door technology for over 20 years. During that time, more than half a million doors have been produced at our Lancashire innovation and production centre.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of door styles, colours and glass designs which are exclusive to Rockdoor. From the detailing of our door mouldings through to our stunning 3D glass designs, you won’t find them anywhere else but Rockdoor.

Every Rockdoor is bespoke and where Rockdoor goes, others follow

But what good is a stylish door if it’s not safe and secure?

To ensure you and your family’s safety, we use solid steel for our hook locks, 3 star locking cylinders, high impact PVC-U skins to resist cut-through, aluminium to reinforce our inner frame and a unique S-Glaze system that locks the glass into your door for life. Security is in our DNA.

All our doors are guaranteed for 10 years. Please visit Rockdoor.com for more information.
The toughest, safest and most secure truly composite door.

You can rely on your Rockdoor.

What makes a Rockdoor Special?

Rockdoor Introduction

What makes Rockdoor different?

The difference between Rockdoors and other brands of composite doors is in the design, manufacturing processs and quality of materials used. 

The manufacturing process of a Rockdoor is similar to a car production factory – everything is made and assembled there. The manufacturing process of other door brands starts about half way through Rockdoors process – with their door slabs being imported and cut down to suit.

The design team at Rockdoor have done a phenomenal job of creating a composite door that every home across the UK should own if they are serious about protecting their family and home. 

Strong Composition

Impossible to cut through

Unique to Rockdoor
The way a Rockdoor is designed and manufactured differs greatly from timber or GRP foam slabs that are widely available in the market. It’s what makes Rockdoor stand out from the crowd.

Steel Security Mesh
If you are looking for total security, then upgrade to Steel Security Mesh reinforcing which is unique to Rockdoor. The Steel Mesh reinforcing is enclosed in-between the door surfaces to ensure your door will never be cut- through by a burglar, which is becoming an increasingly common form of entry for doors. Choose Steel Mesh reinforcing and you will never need to worry about this. Whilst the door will look no different, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Strong Internal Structure
The inner frame of a Rockdoor is fully reinforced with an Aluminium box section that makes the door super strong. Not only does it ensure the door is fully protected from temperature fluctuations, it allows us to fix all our locking mechanisms and hinges into Aluminium to strengthen the door’s performance overall and make forced entry almost impossible for a burglar.


Exclusive to Rockdoor

All Rockdoors feature the unique S-Glaze technology. It means the glass is locked into your door for life.
This prevents forced entry through the glass as there is no glazing bead to attack whilst also eliminating draughts through the glazing apertures improving the door’s thermal performance.

Contrary to popular belief, burglars prefer to quietly unclip and remove the glazing panels in front and back doors rather than smash their way through them. And with most composite doors, it only takes them a minute or two as the glass is clipped in. In Rockdoors, the double glazing is instead part of the door itself. It can’t be removed.

Burglar Proof Locks

The only way in, is with a key.

Multipoint Hooks
Our steel hook locks slide into steel keeps that run the full length of the outer frame. It means your Rockdoor can’t be forced open.

The door sash is secured using the steel hooks, and then held in place with a deadbolt that engages into the centre of the door frame for maximum strength.

Although unseen, our multipoint lock gearboxes play an integral part in your door’s security. They house our huge hook locks whilst ensuring smooth lock functionality.

In fact, it’s so hard to break through a Rockdoor that the Fire Service visited our manufacturing facility for training on how to do so in the rare event of an emergency.
To help them during their practice sessions, they used a high tech diamond-tipped power saw which even expert burglars don’t carry with them.

For over 20 years we’ve been investing in the technology needed to build you the toughest, safest and most energy efficient doors available. Our locking systems and reinforced inner frames protect more than half a million UK homes.
Can you really afford to settle for anything less?

It’s reassuring to hear and read about 3 star cylinders, multipoint locks, 50mm thickness, reinforced frames, toughened glass, S-Glaze technology and high impact PVC-U skins. But we know what matters most as you lock up your home is that the only way to get past your Rockdoor is with your key.
That’s why Rockdoors come with a 3 star security rating – the best there is.

Our lock cylinders are burglar proof. A TS007 3 star rating (the highest available), SS 312 Sold Secure Diamond Standard and Secured by Design accreditation see to that.

Diamond Secure

3 Star Cylinders

Forced Attack
Prevention is the cure to stop forced entry into your home. The cylinders we use are designed to go into ‘lock down mode’ if the attempt of forced entry is detected keeping you and your property secure.

An innovative sacrificial front section is designed to snap away if attacked by an intruder, which in turn shuts down the locking mechanism and prevents access to the inner workings of the lock keeping you safe.

You’ll have probably never heard of it, but our cylinder features a solid cam which is made of a material called ‘Molybdenum’. It’s much stronger than steel to ensure your lock can withstand any burglar’s attempts to drill through your lock.


Thermal Performance

Outstanding Results

Thicker Door Sash
With high impact 3mm PVC-U skins, 50mm sash and high density core – Rockdoors can’t be cut through.

S-Glaze Technology
S-Glaze doesn’t just keep homeowners secure, its stops draughts through the glazing aperture. The glass unit is part of the door itself, not clipped in afterwards, therefore not leaving air leakage gaps.

Thermally Efficient Materials
PVC-U skins, thermally efficient glass, reinforced frames and polyurethane foam work together for the best energy ratings available.

What Else Can We Say?
Like your safety, your energy bills are in good hands.
A combination of material choices such as PVC-U and a 50mm thick high density polyurethane core and unique manufacturing techniques such as S-Glaze Technology, allow Rockdoor to produce good thermal ratings.

Rockdoor Trusted Installers

How it came about

What does it mean to you?

Originally, Rockdoor sold their doors to anyone. It should be noted that Rockdoors are extremely heavy and require additional measures taken by the installer to ensure it’s weight is well supported and fixed into a secure surround to eliminate any movement further down the line. It goes without saying then that a number of homeowners would leave negative reviews about Rockdoor when the problem was the installation.

To solve this, in 2016, Rockdoor quit trading with the public and compiled a list of their most trusted installers – resulting in Pro-fix Windows being selected to cover the Fylde Coast region.

So, because we’re trusted installers and because we’re super good to our customers, we pass on our additional trade discounts, ensuring not only are we the best option – we’re also the cheapest!

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