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             Orangeries in Lancashire by Pro-Fix Windows.


The original purpose of an orangery could probably be guessed by its name; orangeries were first created around four hundred years ago to protect oranges from frost during the harsh winter months. Nowadays though people don’t tend to store oranges in their orangery. Instead, an orangery provides a great extra room for enjoying the view of your garden whatever the weather outside, socialising with friends, or just curling up with a good book.


Modern orangeries can be built to complement the external style of your home, whether you are living in a period property or a more modern family home. There are no hard and fast rules about how a modern orangery should look, so let your imagination run wild! Orangeries are generally created from hardwood and glass, and the right orangery is guaranteed to add significantly to the value of your home.


So why choose Pro-Fix Windows for your new orangery?

              Key features


Pro-Fix have a wealth of experience in creating a wide range of different orangeries. This means that we are able to achieve just the right balance between glass and solid walling for your orangery, to ensure that it complements the style and period of your home perfectly.


Orangeries are perfect for homeowners that love to spend time in their gardens, as they enable you to bring the garden into your home all year round, no matter the weather. An orangery will extend the season and lifespan of some of your favourite plants, providing the perfect place to shelter them, tend to them, and enjoy them during the colder weather.


Regardless of whether you choose a modern or a traditional orangery, all of our orangeries are purpose-built for their new home and they are designed and built to the highest possible standard. If you choose an orangery as a new addition to your home, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Pro-Fix have a thorough understanding of older buildings and so, regardless of the age of your property, we are able to create an orangery that is perfect for you whilst also protecting the structural integrity of your existing home.


All of the windows provided by Pro-Fix Windows are double glazed and produced to the highest manufacturing standard. All our glass is British Standard accredited and level A+ rated. This means that the windows in your orangery will be environmentally sound, energy efficient, and will keep the heat inside your orangery, ensuring it stays as warm and toasty as possible even during the winter months.








Lightweight Tiled Roofs

Traditional Conservatories


These lightweight 'warmroof' tiled roofs are excellent at regulating the temperatures inside your new or old conservatory.


Not only do they perform the part,

but they look the part too!



These lightweight 'warmroof' tiled roofs are excellent at regulating the temperatures inside your new or old conservatory.


Not only do they perform the part,

but they look the part too!


                Why choose Pro-Fix Windows?

Pro-fix are the perfect choice because we’re local to you.


Our hands-on approach to customer care means that your needs are our top priority, and we pride ourselves on the number of delighted homeowners we have worked for over 25 years in the business.


Call us today and speak to a member of our friendly team to arrange a free and no-obligation quote.



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